Hello guys, it has been a while since we had talked about mobile phones problems and solutions, meanwhile I would love to reopen the problem solving party today with the portable Hotspot not opening on your Android phone, I had faced this problem sometimes last year in 2019 and it took me a period of 2 hours to identify the problem and get it fixed immediately, If you are still longing to fix your mobile phone portable Hotspot, then congratulations you have just arrived at the right page with the Solution to your problem, without further ado, let us go straight to the point, but before then do not forget to check out our other website contents, we have several other tutorials that might be of help to you.
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How to fix mobile hotspot not working
the problem is easy to fix just grab your phone, and let do it together.
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fixing mobile hotspot not activating on Android

open your device settings and hit the settings button, now locate and click on Network and Internet as shown in the screenshot below, note that this might have a quite different name depending on your device type.
phone settings Mariotek

now after that also click on Data usage as shown in the image below
data u sag mariotek.com

you should see Data Saver, click on it.
Android Data Saver screenshot mariotek.com

once you have done that, turn off data saver.
android data saver

 your Mobile Hotspot should turn on, you must not go through the above steps to turn off your data saver, you can simply disabled data saver by swiping your fingers from over the notification section above or below in case of some devices, you'll see that data saver icon at quick access tool bar.

You must have mistakenly enabled your data saver, If you are an apple phone user and facing the problem of your mobile Hotspot not coming up, i would write a separate tutorial for that one also, just keep on checking back on this blog for update, alternatively, you can simply subscribe to our Email News Letter so you would not miss any of our future update, I hope it worked for you, if not you can simply drop a comment below using the comment section, I would be so happy to help you out.

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