Hi guys, it's been a while that i had posted an update on how to fix some common and and rare problems with the widely used device, Android phone, if you have been a follower of this blog you would notice that, for a while, Mariotek had not been updating it blog with it contents, do not worry, we are fully back with your android solutions, i would love to resume work, by publishing a common little solution to a little problem you might face when installing an app to your android device.
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Have you ever tried installing an android app to your device and you find out that the android system is refusing to allow the installation with the error message "App not installed", well you are not alone, many had faced this same issue, the good news is that this problem is not a bug from the app developers or from your phone, neither does it require you to go through some complicated steps to get over it, you can fix this problem in less than 1 minutes, without wasting much time let us see the simple step to fix this problem.

How to fix app not installed on Android

This is the exact  thing your screen displays when trying to install an application.
App not installed error message

In the image above, i have tried installing the Microsoft word Apk file, but it has refused to install, what could be the problem?, do you think i downloaded the Apk file from the wrong source?, or the file is already corrupted before downloading, or perhaps the app might not be compatible with my android phone, the Answers to all those questions is a big NO.

What the problem is and solution

As i mentioned earlier, the problem is not a bug, rather it is a simple problem, yes Storage problem, if you have a low storage on your phone internal memory, then definitely no application would be installed, you would keep on getting the same error message if you try installing any application, one of my friend who had faced this issue said that prior to his meeting me for help, he had downloaded the same application from different websites trying to install it with no success, as soon as i heard him talking about going through some technical process to fix the problem i laughed in Demonic Accent. hahaha...
You do not have to go through any complicated process to fix this problem, you only Need to free up some space from your internal storage, I recommend that you always allow your phones internal storage to have up to 1GB of free memory for smooth running process of your phone, just go to your file manager, move some files from the internal to external storage, or delete unwanted or used files, Congratulations you have just get rid of the annoying but little problem.


Now that you have fixed the problem and your phone can now install applications, what do you have to do next?, the next step is to share this post with your friends and family or you can help anyone suffering from the same problem. Do not forget to drop a comments if it worked for you, Did i just say if it worked for you?, oh yes it would definitely work, except if you faced other installation problem, like incompatible issues, corrupt apk file and so on. You can also drop a comment if you are facing other installation problem, the Admins are ready to help you solve any problem, even if it would have to do with travelling to Mass to seek for solution.

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