One of the problem android phone users face is smartphone lagging, your phone lags more when the internet connection is turned on, this does not mean that the internet connection causes your phone to slow down on processing its functions, but rather, due to the high volume of data’s received from the net to your phone when the data connection is active, it tends to slow down your phone and cause it to hang and freeze within those time period, and gradually it gets back to work normally as all information download to your device, the popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is one of the major reason why your phone lags when a data connection is enabled after a long while of inactive mobile data, since WhatsApp is very useful to both individual and business, uninstalling it to get rid of slow device would not be a good idea, again as you keep on using your device daily it slowness increases gradually, if you do not use your phone for business you would not experience the device slowness easily because you do not have to install ram consuming applications to your phone, for example, I have so many unfinished business chats on my Whatsapp and I still maintain my chat history for 2years, the space it does consume on my phone is really much, this tends to slow down my phone, without further explanation, follow the following recommendation and tips on how to fix a phone that lags or slow down a lot.
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Perform a factory Reset once every 3 months:

Although this method is not favorable, because you have to work on backing up your data before running a factory reset then restore them back after reset is completed, more to that, you also have to install your cleared apps and begin signing in to different websites and apps you often use, again you have to work on adjusting the default device settings to custom, but that is not a very hectic Job because you only have to do this once in 90 days, when your phone receives a factory reset, that feelings of a fresh interface and sharpness would make you feel you own a new device, but if you do not feel okay with performing a factory reset every three months on your device like me, let us see other recommendations and tips that would still be of help.

Uninstall Facebook and Messenger:

Are you kidding me? no, you heard me right, you might be wondering what you would use in chatting with friends, family and business partners without the Facebook app and messenger installed on your phone, the good news is that you can still use Facebook with its full features without using the mobile application, instead of using those data and storage consuming apps on your phone, I recommend that you make use of Chrome browser to access your account, this would relieve your phone from handling heavy tasks, and you would get back a good amount of storage space and ram.

Clear heavy app data every week:

Instead of completely restoring your phone to start afresh, manually clear some heavy apps data to relieve your phones storage space, note that you are not fighting to get back the normal SD card 0 and external storage space when you only remove media files from your phone storage, this would not change anything, you would still notice your phone freezing, deleting pictures, movies and music does not have effect on the ram storage, it only frees your storage, the only way to free up your phones ram is by uninstalling ram eating apps and games that increase it size as you use them, but if you do not want to remove your apps completely then clear the app's data, go to your phone's settings >> app >> select an app then hit the clear the data button. Here are some example of popular Android apps and game that occupy ram space.
1  Facebook
2.    Messenger
3.    Mobile Banking apps
4.    Google play services
5.    Instagram
6.    Whatsapp
7.    Adobe Acrobat
8.    Chrome
9.    High definition games like GTA, NFS, Modern combat e.t.c

Get a phone with 4GB ram and above:

As of 2013, the most used android phone is one GB ram, but as time goes on, two GB ram androids were available, it became much faster than one GB ram devices, and tends to work for a long period of time without the user experiencing freezes, but that is not the case anymore, as technology advances, and heavy apps are been developed, 2gb ram devices too lags a lot, but with a 4gb ram android and above, you would experience true fastness and smoothness of using a powerful smartphone, so what are you waiting for, click here to see some list of our recommended powerful devices with high processors and ram

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