My android phone suddenly began to display some pop up ads on the screen, when ever i enable data connection on my phone, the ads never stops coming, instead it kept on interrupting me when ever i am surfing the net, chatting on various Social Media sites, typing and so on, it never stops coming except data network is disabled, the most annoying thing about these attack is that it automatically begins to download and install applications at random to the extent that it consumes a whole lot of data in few minutes, sometimes it does install malicious applicaton to my phone which would be an access for hackers to monitor my device usage, which includes the Email i receive, passwords i do enter on websites, mobile banking activities and so on, now i have known the reason why my phone did develop these problem, if your phone had developed these type of problem and you are still experiencing the same problem until now then keep reading this post to see why your phone do display pop up ads, and automatically downloads third party applications to your phone, as soon as mobile data is enabled.


the internet is full of fake information as well as useful information, some people are there to rip you off your hard earned money while other few honest guys are really there to help individuals and business who are seeking to know more about there area of concentration in life, or get a solution to a problem, among those who do seek to get information about their something, let say a solution to a problem, are some stingy guys (sorry man), who seek for free things to bypass the act of paying money for services or premium apps and programs, because of the ever increasing of the act of cheating we have some smart guys out there who claim to help you get what you need for free by linking you to a web page which infuses virus to your phone, sometimes you may download a mod or cloned application which steals your information and sends in some bloatware to your phone. 

look at these scenario, let us use Express VPN as an example, if you have been using VPN apps to connect the internet when ever you want to browse the net, or use vpn apps sometimes you must have known Express VPN, this VPN app is one of the best vpn apps on net because of the quality of the services they do offer the application is not free to use, it has premium plans and pricing, because it is not free many folks had been searching for the free or cracked version of Express vpn, while ran sacking the internet world searching for a Cracked version, you end up clicking on a dangerous link that changes the behavior of your android device, which is to automatically download and install malicious apps to your phone and pop up annoying apps on your screen, this also causes your phone firmware some bugs, some applications would keep on stopping and end process while on use, it also affects the device UI.

Note: Mariotek does not say that only those who search for free applications or seek for free things do fall victim to malicious website, instead we mean that most people who get there phones firmware affected are those who strive to get cracked applications or free guides. It can also affect you if you do rarely visit websites, because hackers are seriously searching for loophole to get all mankind on their trap.

Android phone

How to Avoid

now that you have known the reasons or cause of what makes your phone to pop out ads or automatically install applications to your device without your consent, it is time now to see how to avoid falling into the trap of these black hat hackers, the following bullet points list ways on how to avoid.

  • Do not Download applications from third party sources, use application store instead
  • Do not click on ads you see on websites, which advertises sex or other suspicious commercials
  • Allow AD block on your browser when you surf the net
  • Connect to a VPN before surfing the net
  • Install Mobile Security on your phone
  • Uninstall any non relevant application from your device
  • do not click any link that looks suspicious you have no knowledge about what it is all about 
  • go to settings >> apps and uninstall any application that is not visible on your phones menu 
these are just some few things you need to do in other to avoid getting pop up Ads on your phone, but if you are reading this post and your phone is already popping out ads which does not allow you do any Work on your phone, then continue reading our guide on how to remove it.

How to remove pop up ads on Android

if your phone had start to display pop up ads and install weird applications to your device automatically, there is only one or two sure method of removing it, other method never work most times, if you try to restore factory settings on your phone this would not work, if you try uninstalling each and every type of application on your device it would still would not work because the virus was programmed in such a way that Android system cannot make it visible to the user, the bloatware is hiddenin an uknown location, if you try deleting your android >> data folder from your file manager it wont solve the problem instead you would lose your important file data, so not temper with your android data folder, the question now is, How?, so let go.

You would need to flash your device firmware using either the affected Android phone or PC, only flashing the device firmware would bring a total solution to these cyber attack, by completely removing the bloatware, let now see how to remove the virus using the affected phone, after which we would also see the PC method

With Phone

If the pop up ads still allows you to surf the net you can head over to the internet and download a custom or an updated firmware of your device, if you are using the latest version of your device firmware you can still downlaod it. make sure you are downloading the exact rom proframmed for your device model in other to avoid bricking your device, you can use applications like phone info to view your device model, and other specifications, the best sites to downlaod custom roms is the XDA developers forum, Cyanogenmod roms are good websites to downlaod android phone roms. Once you download the compatible rom for your phone. Do the following.

  1. Place the rom file at the root of your sd card
  2. Now reboot your phone to recovery mode (use volume down +power key combo)
  3. Now install the zip file you downloaded earlier, from sd card 
  4. Once You have selected the file proceed and flash it
  5. Now apply update
  6. if installation is completed, wipe cache
  7. Now wipe data/reset 
Wait for the proces to complete and if succefull, the pop ads would stop displaying, these is just a summary of flashing android phone via recovery mode or Twrp, you can refer to the full guide from the website you downloaded the ROM from.


While the above is the most common used method to flash android phones, however each device have it own specific method, example
Nexus flash tools is for Nexus devices
Odin is for Samsung 
SP flash tools is for sony and other devices
get all the necessary drivers installed on your pc in other to flash your device rom, if you do not have knowledge about flashing android phone Roms, please do refer to an Expert or phone engineer to do this in other to avoid bricking your device.

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