Hello Reader, have you come across the write protection message on micro SD card Adapter when you try copying files from your computer to your micro SD  or perhaps you want to delete a file but the delete option is not there? if yes then you are not alone a lot of folks had faced the same issue and got annoyed just the way you are right now, the write protection is a security which the developers had programmed it technology to limit users on what they can use a write protected Adapter to do. Some of the limitations the write protection causes is the Inability to send or copy a file from your computer to your SD card, and also deny you access from deleting files. today we would see how to remove these write protection from your Adapter, in other to gain full access to your sd card, the following are the two simple different method of removing the write protection from your micro
SD card Adapter,

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this method is the physical method, you need to get hold of the Adapter and switch off the protection mode.
how to do it...
  1. position the SD cad on a flat surface with the label facing upward, this would help you to find the lock switch of the SD card, as shown in the image below.
  2. Now locate the lock switch, is often placed at the upper-left side of the SD card, the lock is a small tab that protrudes from the left side of the Adapter, see the red circled portion of the image below.
  3. now slide the lock switch  toward the gold connectors at the bottom of the SD card. this would automatically turn off the write protection on the Micro SD Adapter, you can now send and receive even modify or delete files with your computer.
This method is not the spiritual method, lol, am kidding, at method 1 I said it was the physical method, I know some guys would be wondering if the other way would be spiritual, well its physical because we did tempered with the Hardware. But for this second method we would be making use of the software, in case after you tried method one and still does not work maybe due to an error or the switch malfunction.
How to do it...

this method is a bit Technical, you need to be running an Administrator account on your pc before you can try it out. because this would enable you to run the disk partition tool, therefore would be used to remove the write protection your Micro SD card Adapter.
  1. connect you micro SD card with the Adapter to your system, now click on the windows button on your computer.
  2. open command prompt. type in command prompt, then click Command prompt at the top of the start menu when it appears.
  3. Now is the time to enter the Disk partition Command. type diskpart into Command Prompt, then press the Enter Key
  4. A pop up notification message would come up for Diskpart  "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?" Press Yes, doing so would confirm that you have granted the system access to open the partition Window, which looks like another Command Prompt Window.
  5. Bring up a list of your computers disks. Type these command list disk now press the enter key
  6. Locate your SD card's number: at this window you'll see differee SD cards number, in other to locate your SD card number, you can check the sd storage, that by looking if it Corresponds with the one at the size column. For example If you see that Disk 3 is exactly your sd cards remaining space, these shows that your disk is 3
  7. Now Select your SD card: type in these Command select disk number where number is replaced by the SD card's number, now hit the enter Button, this would alert the Disk partition tool to apply the next command to your SD card. Example if your SD card is labeled "Disk 3" in the list of the displayed computer disks, you type select disk 3
  8. Clear the read only attribute: Type in attributes disk clear readonly now press enter key. A line of text would appear "Disk attributes cleared successfully"  this signifies that your SD card is no longer write-Protected. 

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