Hello viewer, you are here because you want to learn how to recover deleted files, or you have mistakenly deleted your file from your Pc, mobile or Sd card and drive, name them, or let say you want to format a corrupted SD card without losing any of your datas, perhaps you want to restore some files after formatting your SD card, if so then congratulations, you have arrived at the right page, this data recovery only works on PC (Windows & Mac) head over to www.easeus.com and download the ease us data recovery software to your computer then  install.

data recovery software
software for data recovery 

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some causes of data loss

  • you mistakenly deleted your file
  • your card got corrupted either by system fault or human error 
  • firewall deletes your file in view that is a malicious file
  • removal of disk while busy contributes to card been corrupted
  • formatting of storage device
what ever the reason may be do not worry EaseUs is here to restore them for you

How to use EaseUs data Recovery to recover lost data

if you have successfully installed EaseUs on your computer, connect the storage card that has the deleted files to your computer then do the following

NB: the recovery process is going to take some long time so be sure to fully charge your computer to the full, or be connected to power supply while performing the recovery process, to avoid power failure or permanent loss of data.

  1. open EaseUs data recovery program, this would display all the storage drives on your computer both external and internal
  2. now click on scan button for the program to run a full file scan(note that this might take a very long time depending  on the number of files you have you have)
  3. after scan is complete, you would be able to preview all your files on the system, now select the files you wish to get restored or you can choose to mark all of them at once. then save
  4. when saving your recovered files, look for a safe folder on your drive to save them, do not save at affected disk to avoid permanent data loss
  5. now you can now copy or move your files to a safe directory 
which type of file and file format can EaseUs restore?

the program can restore any type of file back provided that it has existed on your storage before missing, it can recover any type of file format like all video format, music, picures applications with raw file, E-books etc, in a nutshell everything called a file including empty folders, lol. but there are some little stuffs to pay attention to for a successfull restoration, to make scanning more faster you can choose what file type to scan this would fasten the scanning process and get you just what you needed, remeber the earlier you backup the better you protect digital life

some things to consider
  •  once you format a card and wish to get some files back, do not use the card to collect more files, leave it dormant until you have restored your files
  • do not install EaseUs on the same directory which you want to restore files from to prevent permanent data loss
  • make sure to fully charge your pc or get connected to power supply while recovering
  • do not cancel progress while disk scanning is ongoing
the EaseUS data recovery software has some features that made it stand out among other data recovery software,you can perform a partition using the partion manager, you can partition DIY disk space, resize, create, clone, format, merge and more, you can also use the Pc transfer feature to move any file you want from the Anther to the stigma sorry i mean from one pc to the other withhout any data loss, you can also use the Data backup feature to backup your data.
the company also made the software available on ios devices more information can be found at easeus official website.

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