are you looking for the Samsung Galaxy S9 firmware to install to your device?, if yes then congratulations you have just stumbled on the right page that explains how to do download and install the Samsung galaxy S9 firmware, on this article we would also see how to find the correct firmware version that suits your device. for example the Samsung galaxy S9 has different carrier which means that each of these carriers would have differerent firmwares, the US Galaxy S9 comes with model NO. SM-G960U firmware, we would see more on how to identify the matching firmware meant for your carrier later in this post, please note that installing a firmware to your device might brick it if you do not have knowledge on how to install Roms on smartphones also or failure to follow to the exact steps listed might damage your phone, so make sure that you have known the precaution to take before installing a firmware or custom Rom to any device, if not give it to an expert to help you deal with those, without much talks let us see how to identify the right firmware meant for your carrier.
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How to identify

let say the SM-G96oU1 is an Unlocked device, so you have to find the SM-G960U firmware that ends with your carrier. The carrier codes are as follows:

  • ATT : for AT&T Galsaxy S9
  • SPR : for sprint Galaxy S9
  • TMB: for T-Mobile Galaxy S9
  • VZW: for Verizon Wireless Galaxy S9
  • USC: for US cellular Galaxy S9
Firmware compatibility:
worry about compatibility, you can install any firmware for the model NO.SM-G96oU on your device as it doesn't matter as long as the model NO. remains the same. It would fully work on your AT&T S9, this means that it is possible to install a Verizon/T-Mobile S9 firmware on AT&T S9, and so on, but the only little effect or changes would be on different apps (read bloatware) that each carrier may out in or not put in, in which case you are always better off AT&T firmware. now that you have known how to find the exact firmware version for your Galaxy S9, is to download them now.
Download Galaxy S9 firmware
remeber that other files are as per your device's model no. as usual, so no code-finding-in-firmware-name- Exercise for models other than SM-G96oU (US model), also note that you can install SM-G96oU1 firmware on an SM-G96oU1 firmware on an SM-G96oU device, but not Vice-versa. Also, Canadian Galaxy S9+ comes with model NO. SM-G96oW not U. also the android 9.0 pie firmware is now available for SM-G96oF model.and it has the Samsung's new One UI interface.Below is the various download link for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Model:  SM-G960F -Date- 24 December 2018
Software/android version -G960FXXU2CRL, android 9.0 pie 

Model: SM-G9600 -Date- 18 April 2018
Software/Android version - G9600ZHU2ARD3 android 8.0 Oreo 
Model :SM-G960F -Date- May 24 2018 
Software/Android version - G960FXXU1BRE6 android 8.0 Oreo 

Model: SM- G960F 
Software/Android version - G960FXXU1BRE5 android 8.0 Oreo 

Model: SM-G960F -Date-14 Jun 2018
Software/Android version - G960FXXU1ARD4 android 8.0 Oreo 

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 22 march 2018
Software/Android version - G960FFXU1ARCC android 8.0 Oreo 

Model: SM-G960F -Date- March 16 2018
Software/Android version - G960FFXU1ARCC android 8.0 Oreo 

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 15 July 2018
Software/Android version - G960FXXS1ARE6 android 8.0 Oreo 

Model: SM-G960F -Date- April 10 2018
Software/Android version - G960FXXS1ARD1 android 8.0 Oreo

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 25 MAY 2018
Software/Android version - G960FPUU1BRE5 android 8.0 Oreo

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 22 March 2018
Software/Android version - G960FPUU1ARCC android 8.0 Oreo

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 12 March 2018
Software/Android version - G960FPUU1ARC6 android 8.0 Oreo

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 10 April 2018
Software/Android version - G960FPUS1ARD1 android 8.0 Oreo

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 27 September 2018
Software/Android version - G960SQS3ARI6 android 8.0 Oreo
(Download link not available)

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 18 May 2018
Software/Android version - G960USQU2ARE6 android 8.0 Oreo

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 23 March 2018
Software/Android version - G960USQU2ARC6 android 8.0 Oreo

Model: SM-G960F -Date- 05 January 2018
Software/Android version - G960USQU1ARBG android 8.0 Oreo

Do not forget to find the correct model NO, for your Galaxy S9, then select the appropriate firmware based on  your device model NO. you can look through the list of the appropriate build above, don't know to find your device model NO. you can check you Galaxy S9 model NO. through Settings>>about, or you can also check the package box of your device if it is still with you.

we have now reach the most important part of this article, which is the installation of the Galaxy S9 firmware. Note that before you proceed with any step you have to perform a backup of your datas as the installation would wipe off your data completely, and also note that installing an official firmware through Odin does not in anyway void the device Warranty, but therefore it remains an unofficial process which calls for your cautiousness, is not liable for any damage you might initiate to your phone while taking these process, you are responsible for any troubles or problem these might cause to your device and its components. once more do not forget to backup your files before proceeding. and you must have at least 50% battery or higher on your device before you begin to avoid power failure while installing.

1. you must have installed the correct firmware file version to your PC. now download Samsung Galaxy USB driver here. (no need if you have done this before)

2. Download Odin PC sofware latest version here.

3. the downloaded firmware file above is on Zip format, so you would need a free software like the 7-zip to extract, now Extract the firmware files which is in .tar.md5 format, (you may get 4 or more files with AP, BL, CP, or CSC etc. written at the beginning of those files). we would be loading this files into Odin.

4. now you can Extract the Odin file. you downloaded in step 2 above, note that some files might not be visible

5. if your Galaxy S9 is connected to your PC, disconnect it

6. now power off your Samsung Galaxy S9 then wait for 10 secons, then boot to recovery or advanced mode, ( press and hold the Volume down + Home + Power together until you see the warning screen) now press the Volume up to continue to download mode.

7. be careful handling this step, double click on Odin .exe file which you extract from step 4 above, this would open Odin window.

8. now connect your device using your USB cable. Odin should recognize your device. when Odin recognizes your device, you would see a "Added" message appearing in the log box in the bottom left, and the first Box under ID:COM will also show a NO. and turn it's baxkground blue.

  • You must get the added message on Odin to show that your device had been added, if not it would be impossible to proceed, if Odin does not recognize your phone try and re install the Samsung USB drivers again or you can change various USB cables.
9. Load the firmware file into Odin, click the AP button on Odin then select the .tar.md5 file from above, load the firmware file(s) on your device, these depends on how many files you got upon extracting the firmware files on step 2 above in .zip format.

Case 1: If you got only a single file .tar/.tar.md5 file, then load this into AP tab of your Odin software,  then proceed to next step, if you want to load the file into AP tab, click on AP tab, select the single firmware file starting with Ap Text, wait for it to load, now skip to step 10, ignore the rest of this step 9

Case 2: if while extracting the firmware you now got multiple file .tar/.tar.md5 file, then you must have files starting with AP, CSC, HOME_CSC, BL, CP, etc. in this case we would need to manually enter each of those files accordingly.

  • Click on BL tab, and select the file beginning with BL text.
  • Click on AP tab, and select the file beginning with AP text.
  • Click on CP tab, and select the file beginning with CP text.
  • this is different, click on CSC tab, and select the file beginning with HOME_CSC file isn't available, then select the file beginning with CSC text.
10. you should now click on the options tab, then make sure that the RE-partition checkbox is not selected, yes do not select it, also make sure not to use the PIT tab, no matter what, do not use. Go back to log tab now, as it will show the progress of firmware installation when you hit the start button in the next step.

11. now that you have set everything and have all necessary files in place, verify to check if its all fine. if you really sure that everything is cool, now press the Start button on Odin now to start flashing the firmware on yout device. the installation process would take some time so you need to wait for installation to complete, when completed your device would restart automatically, and also Odin would bring a "pass" message, this means that you have succesfully installed a stock Rom firmware to your device.

Congratulations and conclusions:
congratulations on a successful installation, if by any chance your install was unable to complete, try and repeat all the process all over again, you can also reach Mariotek through the contact page on these page for assistance, or for a quicker assistance you can drop your comments with the questions on the comment section, you can also drop your testimony if it works for you, we appreciate your comments.

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