One of the most annoying thing each phone user experience is phone over heating, this often happens when ever you are connected to the internet, making a call, playing games, or navigating through maps this gets worst when ever you are not performing any heavy task which not require your phone to consume a lot of ram or CPU, when your phone Overheats, this actually cause the phone to slow down, it begins to lag, taking more than the usual time to process a task. But note that there is a difference between phone getting too hot and getting warm, it is normal for each android phone to get warm because it handles some task each time is at use, there is no need to worry, everything is okay, but when ever you notice the phone is getting too hot instead of the normal warm, this shows that there is actually a problem, and finding a solution to your phone overheating should be the next step, let us consider some factors that may be causing your phone to overheat and how to avoid them.
smartphone fire

So many background apps in process

when you have a lot of apps processing on your phones task bar, this actually stresses the phones OS and therefore because of the too much load on it, your phone would be busy handling each of these tasks and definitely get hot, if you notice that there are lot of background apps processing on your phone look for a way to kill them, so as to free your phone from handling each of them, go to settings >> apps >> running  to see a list of apps that are running on your phones background, you can force stop them or restart your phone so as to automatically stop them. there are some applications that never stops working even though you never use them, example applications like the battery saver apps often run in the background claiming to stop other background processes, at the same time while looking to stop other app tasks it itself is always running in the background. I do not believe in battery saver apps because it actually makes no difference, it often asks to free some rams about five times in a single day, that is more than enough to keep your phone processing around the clock.

Using a non compatible charger

using any type of charger that fits into your device would likely Damage your device, do not use any how charger on your device, this would not charge your phone if it is not compatible, sometimes you can be using an Original charger but the problem is that the USB cord merged together with your charger might not be good enough to charge your phone, if you combine a fake USB cable with an original Charger it is similar to using a completely fake charger because this would make the device to charge slowly and hot due to unbalanced current supply, additionally it would damage your phones battery. for more information on using a very good charger and how to properly prolong your battery please do refer to this our previous post.

Network and connectivity:

active connections such as |Bluetooth, Wiffi, GPS and data connections would make your phone hot because it does collect informations and also send out information, when data is turned on for a very long time, these  would keep notifications coming into your phone and therefore would cause it to hot. if you are not making use of any connectivity be sure to turn it off to avoid phone getting hot due to active connections.


your phone might be hot because of the firmware in the phone might have some bugs which is causing the phone to get hot, example if your phones firmware is having so much error applications and other processes would strive hard to work on your phone, the more they struggle to execute commands, the more your phone gets hot. if you notice that your phones firmware is getting a lot bugs try and check if your phones developer had released an updated rom for your phone, or you can still check out for custom roms made specifically for phones model, only be careful installing Roms to your device in other to avoid bricking it.

Insufficient storage

do you know that when your phone lacks storage it would cause your device to lag, and also get hot, your phone begins to run slow because of insufficient space, therefore installed apps would find it hard to run smoothly, try as much as possible to get yourself a high memory phone or buy an Expandable storage to your device, remember that if your phone system memory is full you cannot free it as you do when your internal or external storage gets filled, it is only possible when you uninstall some applications you can let go, but even at that your system memory gets extremely filled as you keep on using your device, this is common on low end  devices. remember there is a difference between Internal storage, internal storage, and System storage.

Uninstall malicious apps

if you notice that your phone is been threatened by malicious apps, quickly use any bloatware removal app to uninstall. these |Bloatware are dangerous applications sent out by hackers to collect information about your device to the developer, malicious applications can be installed when you click on some strange links, or advertisements on website or when you try downloading your apps from third party sites, always use official websites or applications store to download your apps, most people fall victim to downloading virus on there phone, while looking for cracked applications.

Quick tips

  • do not browse on poor network connection
  • Update all applications
  • Do not play online games for too long
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