Since the release of the android pie, many people had been asking when would my phone receive the 9.0 update, but google said that a lot of manufactures are planning to launch or upgrade a lot of devices toward the end of 2018, well according to digital trends they have gone as far as contacting many manufacturing companies, to ask when there respective devices would get upgraded well from their  survey it shows that not all devices would be privileged to receive the Android P update and therefore it would be a gradual process.
android p update


As of Alcatel, not all of it devices would get the official OTA update, for example Alcatel said they had nothing to share at the moment concerning the Android P beta release, therefore we should not expect all of its phones to get the 9.0 update as they still ship some of there devices with Android 7.0 Nougat, these reply shows that Alcatel are not really interested on getting any of their phones upgraded to the latest android P this year 2018, it may take Alcatel till mid 2019 to get there first phone upgraded.
while Asus on the other hand told Digital trends that they had not scheduled a particular date for upgrading any of their devices at the moment but would do that in few months time, whereas according to Gsm arena they made mention of Asus Zenfone 5Z to be getting the Android Pie update, it has also been confirmed that this update would be released in january 2019, the Asus phones expected to get the latest android P is the Asus Zenfone 5Z and Asus ROG phone, but with time more of there devices would be getting upgraded.

while Blackberry according to digital trends said the company could not share any information about the upgrade, but we are expecting some of Black berry phones to get updated soon.

As of essential phones it is among the very first devices to receive the update both on the beta testing and consumer version, it is now available for download, the Essential company had acted fast toward the android P release.
No doubt google pixel phones received the update as soon as it was released, but I still do not know why it is said, no Nexus phone would get the Android 9.0 pie, well there must be a good reason why it is so.
Some google phones that had received the update is as follows
Google pixel 2
Google pixel 2 XL
Google Pixel
Google pixel XL

HTC notified it users through their twitter handle as soon as the update was released in August, and the HTC U11 life had received this update, the software had been spotted rolling out in European markets and soon it would also be available in other markets too, even the HTC U12 life would also be  coming with Android Pie.

The LG G7 has been confirmed to receive the android 9.0 update even though the company had not said anything yet concerning the rolling out of the update on their phones, however unlike Alcatel, LG phones would be more likely to receive the update since the phone is part of the google android one initiative, the LG V30, LG G7 ThinQ, LG G40 ThinQ, LG V35 ThinQ and the LG G6 are expected to receive the update.

Digital trends said that according to 9to5google, samsung on it developer conference announced that the Galaxy S9, S9plus and the Note 9 would all be getting the Android 9.0 update later in January 2019, but for now the beta release is still active since November, it would take some times for Samsung to release this updates to their respective devices as the Samsung phone is a highly customized system.

Lastly we got to consider the Honor devices, the honor like Essentials had received the Android 9.0 update, but not all of their phones specifically, had officially received them but with time the release would reach all of its phones, therefore there are some of Honor devices which has received the update like the honor play, honor 10 and honor view 10 rolling  out in European markets and would soon spread to other markets too.

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