I love to swipe, and I know you too love to swipe, we all love to swipe these is a common thing between you and I, when I got the Tecno L9 plus I use my three fingers to swipe through my phones screen in other to take a screenshot, I love it when the camera sound beeps, I like it when I swipe through the images and it encrypts. I enjoy to swipe the screen for audio player to open. Google also the owner of YouTube are rolling out the swipe gestures for skipping videos in android app.
YouTube swipe gestures

Features of the swipe gestures:
The gestures replaces the forward and back button that appears when you tap on a video, it is much more faster and convenience this way, the transition animations are great for user experience, but guess what? The feature is not opened for everyone it is for selected user's as of now, the feature is still running a test. We call this beta, so relax and get yourself something to eat, there is something cool about the YouTube application, it has some features which some guys are not aware of, do you know that you can download videos directly from the YouTube app for offline viewing. Some readers are aware while others are not.

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