5 Android phones with powerful battery capacity

I use to boast about my phone with 6,000 mah battery back in the years, sometimes I tell myself that I would never sell my phone for any reason for the battery capacity, it last very long, more than all my other smartphone, the battery power is very impressing, I most times multitask with it from the evening down to the next morning, I know some would say that "my phone use to last for three days" but that is not what I mean sir, I mean you should enable data connection and start operating on heavy CPU usage apps and website for 10 straight hours, you would understand that there is no phone on earth that can survive for a day in the hands of a heavy user. Today Rokulab had brought to you, five android phones with very powerful battery capacity which we believe would be of interest to you, without wasting much time, below are five android phones with heavy battery capacity.

Oukitel K10000

Oukitel K10000

The Oukitel K10000 smartphone is the first smartphone the Oukitel company launched that has a 10000 MAH battery capacity, it was rumored to begin shipping from January 2018, it comes with a reverse charging meaning that it would charge other smartphones when connected through OTG cable, the company said that the Oukitel K10000 can charge 3 iPhone 6s fully, that's awesome about the phone you really need to buy this for your best friend or include it in an apology letter to one of your girlfriend whom you might have annoyed.

Gionee M6 plus

Gionee m6

This is another strong battery phone that packs a 6020 mAh Li-PO inbuild nonremovable battery, the smartphones features a 4gb ram of storage it was released by September 2016 and since then it has gone viral in the market.

Ulefone power:

Ulefone power

The ulefone power is another with a very strong battery capacity, which packs a 6050mAh Sony battery capacity, that is twice the iPhone 6s battery, aside of the strong battery, it also has a fingerprint at the back of the phone, it OS is running android 5.0 lollipop and would be getting update for marshmallow, this phone is cool for the 3gb ram it features.

Oukitel K6000

Oukitel K6000

It seems that the Oukitel brand had come to the world of mobile production to pay more attention to the battery life, the same company has the phone with the strongest battery capacity featured on k10000, the Oukitel K6000 packs a 6,000mAh battery capacity, it Is said that it can last for 40days on standby and also for 47 hours on music playback.

Tecno L9 plus

Tecno L9 plus

The tecno L9 plus Is still new in the market unlike the others, it features the latest android 7.0 Nougat, with 6.0HD display,  a very strong battery capacity of 6,000mAh, the tecno L9 plus 6000 mah battery is very good for a low power consuming phone, unlike other smartphones with high end specification's the tecno L9 would save 20%  of battery when power saver is active.

So that is all about the five android phones with a long lasting battery, make sure to get a very good battery phone as fast as you can in other not to miss any important calls or update due to poor battery life, have you heard a story about a cryptocurrency trader who missed 3,500 USD for not executing his target price, his phone was off due to dead battery during the dip in price for the asset, touching experience right, so try as much as you could to join the monster battery phone users.

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