Nobody wants to buy a smartphone without trying to dig in through some information about that particular phone, even though it's just a single feature one is trying to find out, he or she would be satisfied that the phone had meet up the requirement to get adopted, some people are seeking to change a device because of just one problem or feature which the current one they use doesn't have, for example I may decide to swap my phone with 3,000mah battery capacity with another phone with 6,000mah, so not everyone knows how to check phone features, that is why Rokulab had decided to publish a post on how to check your phones specification and features, I would be highlighting two main ways of checking all about phone. So sit back and drink just one glass of water.
Checking phone

How to check your phone specifications and features:

  1. Search engine (Google, bing etc)
  2. hardware info apk 
From the list above you would find out that we are making use of third party sources to get all the information you need about a particular android smartphone, instead of asking a friend about a phone specs why not check it yourself.

Search engine: an example of a search engine is Google bing, yandex, etc, they have indexed some pages on other website to appear on search terms, so if you should type the phones name on the search bar, the search engine would link you to a page with info about the phone here is an example below.
Search engine
From the screen shot above you have seen that I typed in Sony Xperia Z5 and Google linked me to a post about the phone. But to make it easier instead of just typing the phones name and hit on the search button, add specifications after the phones name that is instead of "Sony Xperia Z5, would now be Sony Xperia Z5 specifications" hope it's now clear, if you do this you would find the complete specifications about the phone.

Hardware info apk: this is an android app available for download at the Google play store, click here to download
Hardware info

install the app and open it, the app would show you all the specifications of your device, but if you are seeking to buy a new phone and you have no friend that uses it, maybe you saw the advert on media, however it is not possible to make use of this method, you rather use the search engine method. But I prefer using hardware info because some companies would manufacture the same type of phone with same name but different battery capacity, ram and so on, you would not know about this through search engine, but if buying from a friend request that you install hardware info so you could check the phones specs.

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