Welcome you ladies and gentle men, boys and girls dads and mom, grand pa and mom, you are viewing this page because you are interested in meeting the honorable gentle phone which goes by the name  Huawei honor 8, you wish to see the pros and cons for honor 8 smartphone, so where do we start ? OK I have figured it out, I think we should look through the phone size .
Huawei honor 8

Size of huawei honor 8
I haven't used a metre rule to measure honor 8 before but I have operated on the smartphone, so I say according to huawei official, honor 8 is just 5.2", with a screen resolution of 1080 ×1920 pixels, wondering what that size could be like?, wonder no more it is the same size with tecno L7, if you have not seen L7 before then go and look for it: lol, is a phone with the resolution of 1080×1920 really big enough to enjoy watching movies, play HD games and more stuffs that are suitable on big screen, yeah of course yes, if you are not comfortable with a 5.2 inch smartphone then go ahead and stake for tablet, so to say that huawei honor 8 has no problem with the size, no one would say you are using a small phone, except if the person is your Boborindorous, Alien word right😀, do not worry a day is coming for you to understand. So we are now heading over to honor 8 camera, but before then, please wait...
 I think am thirsty.

Camera for huawei honor 8

Drinking water, finished drinking, so as I was saying we would be looking through the dens of honor 8 camera, it is just 12mp 1080 pixels camera, did I just say just?, a 12mp camera smartphone is capable of giving you the best shot you want, regardless of the whether condition, except if it is midnight, but what in the world would make a human capture some moment at a dark hour, I reserve the answer to our grand children, so what and what help the honor 8 12mp camera to produce a nice photo, it has dual LED flash, oh that means that it is cool for those that capture moments when the sun had sunk itself toward the East, - it also has laser autofocus, wondering what laser means, it is a device that produce a monochromatic beam of light, I think you should search for what monochromatic means, because we are not in English class, the honor 8 laser autofocus would help focus on your target object, instead of leaving you tremble your hands like someone who have a partial stroke, the autofocus feature would help you shoot a nice looking video and photo, it also have a front facing camera which has  8mp,f/2.4, 1.4 µm pixel size, it is cool for taking selfies, so sorry that I do not have any pictures to upload for you here to see how brilliant the honor 8 camera products looks like on the planet earth, at least it is cool that I did not use my native phone to snap my residence then upload it here and claim it was the handwork of huawei honor 8. I haven't finish drinking my water let me sip for the last time for this hour then navigate to the next sector for the honorable honor 8 smartphone, so am finally satisfied (drops cup, breathing heavily) the next sector we might be finding ourselves is the arena of the platform, let me go and drop the cup in the kitchen, it does not belong on my table where I keep my computer permanently (works away, come back).
Am suspecting Huawei company in these area, but don't ask me why because am not going to tell you, the huawei honor 8 is running android 6.0 marshmallow which is upgradable to 7.0 nougat, but I haven't seen the upgraded version myself before you begin to ask me if the ROM is stable with the device, the honorable member of the huawei family which goes by the name honor 8 has a central processing unit (CPU) of     Octa-core (4×2.3GHZ Cortex -A72 & 4×1.8 GHz CortexA -53, if you can't read the above cpu name fluently why not skip it, while the chipset is hisilicon kirin 950, GPU mali-T880 mp4, that means that these honorable smartphone would be cool for handling heavy task, if the CPU should clock at 4Ghz that means the phones ram do not need to stress itself keeping background applications, for a helping hand is present with him, to assist in emulating the data's that are been processed on the smartphone, just the way God gave Adam a woman as an assistant.



One of the biggest concern for individuals on smartphone is the phone memory, although some people do not really know the importance of phone memory on smartphone, all they  ask the seller is, can it WhatsApp?, can it facebook ? does it browse ? Can I install and play android games on it? Is the internet connection fast?😒. I hope you are not one of them, therefore the honorable member of the honor for the Huawei brand which was released on the year July 2016, international, with due respect for it age and name, it was giving a possession to accumulate an internal memory of 32,64 GB respectively which is expandable up to 256GB via SD card. With a RAM of 3/4GB, so the device packs some cool storage, without wasting much time let us head over to the battery, because the battery is the life of the phone just as water is life.


Unfortunately the battery of the honorable gentle phone is 3,000mah with the brand LI-PO, they said that the endurance of the phone could last for 70H, but nevertheless, it depends on the way you use your smartphone, if you chat on social media platforms for unlimited time, it can drain off anytime, or play online games for long hours it has another specially decorated time which the message "battery empty" would pop out, then shut down your phone without permission. So to say when reviewing any phones battery, do not say this smartphone battery life would last for 7days before joining it ancestors, because I myself can deal with 10,000mah battery withing one day. 
Below are some key features of the huawei honor 8.
Sensors           Fingerprint (rear-mounted), accelerometer proximity, compass, gyro
Messaging      SMS,(threaded view), MMS, Email, push mail, im
Browser        Html5
Java.                No
Fast battery charging: 47% in 30 min (Smart Power 4.0)
Document editor
Photo/ video editor
Mp4 /H.264 player
Mp3/ EAAC+/WAV/ FLAC player

The price for huawei honor 8 varies on your location in the country, 
About 300EUR


If you love the Huawei honor 8 android phone, for the honorable specifications and features it has, and are willing to purchase it. You can use the below links to buy them.

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  1. :-) :-) lol... All these introduction for a phone?? Weh done sire!

    Though I've never used an Huawei phone, I think their phones are beginning to catch my interest. Most especially their latest flagships. The likes of the Honor 8 Pro and P10

    The phone specs are not so bad but the price tag is a set back. [-( Personally, am not so bothered with the 3,000mAh battery capacity. If the phone got good RAM management, am okay.

    Your article cracked me up. I'll advice you put some breaks between sentences. It makes it easier reading a large chunk of text.

    Nice blog you've got man!

    Editor @ Techkibay

  2. Thanks boss, for your advice, I would improve next, appreciate your comment


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